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Breathe Easy Shower Steamers

Breathe Easy Shower Steamers

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Turn your shower time into an at-home aromatherapy session! This shower steamer made with Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Spearmint Essential Oils includes real Menthol Crystals! Once the hot water hits the steamer, it activates and releases the aromas to mix with the steam from your shower and help clear your senses!

This listing is for one 4-pack of steamers.

How to use: Take one of the steamers get it wet and put it in an area where the water hits it but it's not in a direct stream of water. It will start to fizz and you'll feel the relief in your sinuses almost instantly. 

For more info, read our blog which goes into detail about our Shower Steamers:

NOTE: These steamers are made with menthol and packed with essential oils. They are only to be used in the shower, NOT in a bath.



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