About Us

Hi! I'm Mary, the creator, designer, maker, and social media account manager at Bubble Luxury. I'm the one-woman-show here!

I have always been a very DIY person. I enjoy making crafts, refurbishing furniture, refinishing my kitchen cabinets, starting house projects while my husband is at work only for him to come home and find the house torn apart. Yes, that last part has happened on multiple occasions and he's no longer surprised by it. He also fully supports it because he knows I follow through and make every project look beautiful! Basically, I love doing anything and everything to bring out my creative side!

As a mom of 2 young kids, a wife, and a woman with a full time corporate job, I realized how much time I didn't have to myself and how much I really needed that. I started experimenting and making items just for myself to use. It started with the good ole Bath Bomb. I worked and tested and worked and tested to get the recipe right and the end result was fantastic! From there I worked on my Shower Steamers, because winter in Wisconsin can produce colds and congestion. There's nothing like a steamy shower to help reduce the congestion, and add a little menthol infused tab to help the process! I felt like a brand new person after that shower!

I loved the products so much and I had start gifting them to family and friends who also gave me good feedback. So in Winter of 2016/2017 I decided to launch Bubble Luxury. It's been a whirlwind of a business since then but I can't tell you enough how much I absolutely enjoy making products that can bring people even just 10 minutes of pampering! Everyone needs pampering and "me time" more often than they're getting it! 

Thank you for visiting my website. Thank you for supporting my business. Thank you for taking time to pamper yourself! YOU DESERVE IT! 

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