Shower Steamers: What are they? What are the Benefits?

Shower Steamers: What are they? What are the Benefits?

Shower steamers have been gaining popularity over the years. There are some people who understand how they work and there are some people who have simply never heard of them. Let's answer some questions to help you understand more about shower steamers, how shower steamers can benefit you, and how you know you're getting the full experience when you use them.

What is a Shower Steamer?

A shower steamer is basically a small bath bomb that you use in your shower. When you activate it by allowing water to touch it, it releases the essential oils & menthol within and, along with the steam of the shower, provides you an aromatherapy type of experience.

There are many variations of shower steamers if you search the internet. Here, the focus is on the shower steamer that Bubble Luxury has formulated and perfected to be one of our top selling items. Let's break down the shower steamer to help you understand.

The Bubble Luxury Shower Steamer

Our shower steamers are made up of similar ingredients to that of bath bombs. It takes a special mix of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, and corn starch to keep the structure of the steamer in tact. 

Shower Steamer Ingredients

Bubble Luxury has 3 variations of shower steamers: Breathe Easy, Calm Lavender, and Citrus Burst. All variations of our steamers are made with menthol crystals and only with essential oils, NO FRAGRANCES. This is done specifically because the essential oils we use provide different benefits to the user depending on which variation is chosen. 

How does a Shower Steamer work?

Since a Shower Steamer is made up of ingredients similar to a bath bomb, the way it works is much like how a bath bomb works. When Baking Soda and Citric Acid are combined and then water is introduced to that combination, it reacts in a way that creates fizzing and bubbles. When that fizzing occurs, the Shower Steamer is activated. It then starts to release the menthol and essential oils which works with the steam from your shower to create an aromatherapy type of experience. 

Benefits of Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

Breathe Easy Shower Steamer is made using a specific blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Spearmint essential oils. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Can help to relieve a cough by loosening congestion and allowing lungs to open and breathe deeper.

Peppermint Essential Oil: Can act as a decongestant, opening up nasal passages to ease breathing. It has also been known to relieve the sensation of nausea.

Spearmint Essential Oil: Can reduce headaches, ease a cough, and relieve the feeling of stress or nervousness.

Calm Lavender Shower Steamer keeps it simple by using only Lavender Essential Oil. This one is perfect for nighttime showers!

Lavender Essential Oil: Has been known to help calm feelings of stress and anxiety. It is common to use Lavender Essential Oil at night as an aide for better sleep.

Citrus Burst Shower Steamer is made using a unique blend of Tangerine, Lemon, and Grapefruit Essential Oils. Use it in morning showers for a quick "pick-me-up".

Tangerine Essential Oil: Has a relaxing, calming, mood-uplifting, and cheer-enhancing effect.

Lemon Essential Oil: Can help soothe anxiety and lift your spirits as well an improve your mental awareness. Has been known to calm the feeling of nausea.

Grapefruit Essential Oil: Can help to lower stress and hypertension.

How do you use a Bubble Luxury Shower Steamer?

Our Shower Steamers come in a pack with 4 tablets. Each tablet represents one shower use so you should get at least four aromatherapy type shower experiences! Here's the best way to use them:

1. Break open the pack and remove one Shower Steamer tab. Place the rest in a cool, dry area. 

2. Place the Shower Steamer in your shower out of the direct stream of water.

3. Continue on with your shower and enjoy the experience!

**The key here is to keep it in a spot in the shower where water will occasionally hit it but not constantly. If water is constantly hitting the steamer, you'll find that it dissolves too fast and you won't properly experience the effects throughout your whole shower. I always suggest putting it in a soap dish, on the side of the tub, or in the back of the tub away from the water. 


I hope that this has been helpful to you and has given you a better understanding of how our Shower Steamers are supposed to work and the benefits of using them. You can find all three variations of our Shower Steamers in our shop or just click the links above to be taken directly there!

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