Here goes nothin'

Here goes nothin'

Well here we go. Here goes nothin'!

I have been toying with the idea of a blog for some time now. I've never been the type to thoroughly enjoy writing and I apologize right now if my grammar isn't always 100%.

I've been going back and forth about it for some time because it seems like a fun little outlet. But then again I wonder if the things that go on in this noggin of mine really need to be shared. The thing that made this decision final was my husband saying he thinks it would be a good idea. I told him I just don't think I'm that exciting of a person to be writing my own blog. In my head I'm just the average full time working mom of 2 who also owns her own side hustle/hobby. (Oh, and I'm the wife of a pretty cool guy too.)

I have this preconceived thought in my head that bloggers are world travelers who eat exotic foods and take aesthetically pleasing photos showing a carefree life. That is NOT me. I'm not a world traveler.... yet (a girl can dream). Exotic foods? Nope. While my eating habits have become more adventurous over my years on this earth, I would not say I'm an "exotic foods" type of gal. And photo's that show a carefree life? This one made me laugh a little. Instead of "carefree" I like to think of my daily life as "organized chaos". First of all, if you were to come over to take blog-worthy pictures you would meet step one of our chaos, my dog. My 5 year old, 70-75lb boxer who is a puppy at heart and thinks he's as light as a feather while he runs the kids over to be the first to greet our visitors. Second, I have a wonderful life with a beautiful family but two full time working parents who only get to spend about 4 hours a day together with the kids while trying to "create experiences" AND keep my business running smoothly...that's not exactly carefree! But, I love our chaos and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

So here I am starting my own blog because, as a business owner who makes handmade products in my little kitchen, I get questions from curious customers and followers. I want to keep this blog fun and upbeat and show you a little slice of what goes on behind the scenes of Bubble Luxury. You'll get to see little glimpses of me making the products, get to see the products in action, sneak peeks of new items, and also probably some mistakes made.

So here we go... why not, right? *insert shoulder shrug here*

I hope you enjoy! :) 

Where the magic happens: My workshop (aka my kitchen counter) 

Part of my "Organized Chaos" is my dining room. Also known as the drying/curing area. Who needs to actually eat dinner at the dining table anyways??? 

 My two littles with our "light as a feather" boxer



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