Sore Muscles Bath Bomb
Sore Muscles Bath Bomb
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Sore Muscles Bath Bomb

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Made with Magnesium Oil, this bomb is PERFECT for those with constant muscle aches! 

The Sore Muscles Bath Bomb’s focus is to provide you sore muscle relief and also focuses on its Aromatherapy benefits with Eucalyptus Essential Oil for scent.

How to use: Run a bath full of warm water, remove all wrapping from the bomb, gently drop the bomb into the water and watch it fizz away! You'll experience the smell almost instantly!

Please note due to the nature of this bath bomb it leaves a slight residue behind. Be careful when exiting your bath! To clean the tub just run the water and slightly wipe the residue with your hand or a washcloth.

Bath Bomb & Packaging Details: Each bath bomb is approximately 5oz in weight and 2.5" in diameter. The bath bombs are packaged in 100% recyclable shrink wrap for freshness & protection and then labeled so you know what you're getting!

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Epsom Salts, Essential Oils, Magnesium Oil