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Jolliest Bunch Bath Bomb

Jolliest Bunch Bath Bomb

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This is my favorite Christmas movie! It will forever remind me of our crazy family Christmas’s when I was young and hearing my dad laugh at all the funny quotes! Clark Griswald is a classic! 

It will put on a beautiful show with gorgeous purples and blues filling your tub and coloring your water! 
this bath bomb is approximately 7.5 oz. 

Scent -  Fresh juniper berries and cranberries, elevated with hints of peppermint leaves and camphor, unite harmoniously with frosted pine for the perfect woodsy, holiday season aroma.

How to use - Remove all wrapping from the Bath Bomb and place it in your warm bath water!

Ingredients - Sodium Bicarb, Citric Acid, SLSA, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance Oil, Polysorb 80, Water-soluble color, Mica, Corn Starch, Rice Bran Oil

Note - Due to the handmade nature of our bath bombs, some may not float in the water. While it may not float, you are still getting all the same amazing ingredients and will be able to enjoy your bath with the fun addition of a beautiful bath bomb!


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