Finding My Groove

Finding My Groove

I started Bubble Luxury in January 2017. Let me tell you, when you start a business you don't just one day go "ok, I'm going to make things to sell now". No, lot of time, research, and money goes into starting the business. You research ingredients, recipes, legalities, costs of ingredients, and competitors pricing.

You all see the fun, entertaining side of the business when I post new products or share fun videos. What you don't see is the time spent doing things other than making the products. While my husband is completely supportive and will help in any way I ask him, I'm a little particular when it comes to how things are handled. So Bubble Luxury, for the most part, is a one woman show. I'll give you a little example of what it's like running a small business. In my small business of Bubble Luxury I am the Founder, CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, Purchasing Manager, Designer, Production Manager, Quality Inspector and Shipping Manager. Did I miss something? Most likely but you get the drift. As some would say, I "wear a lot of hats". 

When first starting Bubble Luxury I had to get an understanding of how best to manage all those jobs. As the Marketing Manager and Designer of the products I had to really decide on how to best let my style shine. First, I had to research recipes. Looking back, this is the thing I dreaded the most! There are so many recipes out there and I can't even begin to tell you how many of them don't work! I had so many batches go wrong that I would just stare at the mess in amazement! But, once I tweaked the ingredients to give me the recipe I currently use, I took off running! I started off using only Essential Oils to give my products their amazing scents. I LOVE the benefits of Essential Oils and especially love hearing how much the products help my customers!

After working only with Essential Oils for about the first 6 months of business I started getting curious about the use of Fragrance Oils and more vibrant colorants. I follow FABULOUS businesses on Instagram and was awestruck by the beauty of their products and was so jealous my phone doesn't have a smell feature! (side note: they should really invent'on Apple!) So again, I researched and tested and failed and tweaked and tested and failed and... you can see where I'm going with this. FINALLY though, I figured out the recipe! It's the recipe I use in a lot of my unique, crazy, colorful products. Being unique and having a product that I'm proud of, that I am excited to use is so important to me! I'm constantly researching the new trends or letting my creative mind flow when it comes to Holiday items or coming up with new lines.

I titled this blog "Finding My Groove", after 1 year and 9 months of being in business I feel like I'm still learning. Managing all those jobs I listed before can become a little overwhelming but I figure it out and it gets done.  Do I still have bad batches even with the recipe that I claim is the perfect recipe? You betcha! But that's what I enjoy about this business, I get to constantly learn and improve. 

Enjoy some pictures of my "Oopsie" batches :) 

This was supposed to be a Halloween item. I have to say, the big glob of a mess it turned out to be was definitely scary! 


Adding the correct amount of wetting agent is a guessing game here in WI. Humid weather can effect and activate the bath bomb.

These decided to activate and bust out of the package after we opened our windows up and it got a little too humid. 

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